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Player: Yue
Contact Information: [plurk.com profile] inkscapes

Jimmy Hopkins

Canonpoint: Chapter V, Post-Go See the Principal
Age: 15
Wish: "I want to find that little rat Gary, and when I find him I want to make him pay."
Result: Jimmy is given tracking abilities that allow him to locate Gary. He's pulled from his world right after he defeats Gary in a fight.
Weapon: Super slingshot.
Outfit: a skeleton outfit.


» Tracking - attuned to the exact person or thing Jimmy is most angry with at the moment. It can't tell him specifics; it can only point him in a direction.
» Energy Ammo - pellets of energy to load his slingshot up with. Each one he makes costs magic.
» Firecracker Generation - Jimmy can summon M-80 firecrackers to throw at his enemies. Each one costs a bit of magic to make, and he can only create five in quick succession, after which he is subject to a lengthy cooldown period before he can use this power again.
»» Hail to the King - When Jimmy is feeling good about himself (for example, if he's successfully humiliated his opponent or dodged an attack), a regal cape will appear on his magi outfit, and he'll receive a slight offensive boost to his attacks. If things then continue to go well for him or he gets a gigantic ego boost somehow (such as, say, in the form of praise from his teammates), a crown will then appear on his head, giving him a sizable offensive boost - so much so that he may give someone a light pat on the shoulder and end up slamming them into the floor, to give an example. It would only last so long as his ego remained inflated, and it would put a greater toll on both his body and his soul gem.


» Rubber band ball


Generally speaking, there is very little I am absolutely not okay with under any circumstance. Please let me know before you spring shipping or violence (if it gets into killing territory) on me, though!


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